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Every year since 2011, Ishinomaki 2.0 has convened Ishinomaki Stand Up Week to help build excitement for Ishinomaki’s Kawabiraki Matsuri, a festival held every summer to mark the start of the boating season. The event began as a way for us to provide a variety of enjoyable activities around town, such as outdoor movie screenings, conferences on town development, and arts and crafts workshops, using resources close at hand. Since then, Ishinomaki has largely moved past the March 11th disaster, becoming a place where ideas gather from around the world and innovative efforts toward building the town anew proceed daily.

This year, for our 5th Stand Up Week, we will draw together talents from a wide variety of fields, ranging from design and IT to music, cuisine, art, culture, recreation, education, and life management.

Welcome to ISHINOMAKI STAND UP WEEK 2015 Experience the future called "Ishinomaki." ISHINOMAKI STAND UP WEEK 2015 Kicks Off July 24th, 2015

ISHINOMAKI STAND UP WEEK is a week long festival celebrating the over one hundred year long tradition of the local Kawabiraki Festival while simultaneously imagining new ways to pave the city's future. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, every year we've dedicated the last week of July to throwing numerous events in order to get as many people as possible involved in achieving our goal: creating the most interesting town in the world. With our fifth STAND UP WEEK, we're looking to bring back the beautiful Tanabata decorations that have traditionally adorned the local shopping district in beautiful colors, but haven't made an appearance since the earthquake. In true STAND UP WEEK fashion, we're looking to do this by involving as many people as possible. Whether it’s one of our decoration building workshops, new sightseeing ventures, one of Ishinomaki's unique learning opportunities, or riverside dining experiences, this year's STAND UP WEEK aims to inspire people to stand up and add their voice to the conversation on what our future should look like in the only way Ishinomaki knows how: Together.